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IOS App and Game Development Service

To define Cocos2dx, it is the most reputed open-source and royalty-free smart phone game engine. It is very easy to use and community-supported and till now more than 1500 mobile iOS games have been introduced in the market by making use of it. Thanks to it, as now it has become possible to release different interesting games for Android by making use of same codebase.

We are the leading Cocos2dx developers and can perform more work with less effort. We develop two-dimensional games by making use of 2DX system. To define it in a more precise way, this type of system is purely based on Objective C Coding, so OpenGL is not required at all. An additional benefit which comes with this system is that usual game applications can be customised, so that those games can possess better graphics with this coding.

As the task of game development has been made much easy with it, our talented pool of developers is able to spare more energy, time and resources to develop a better game for you. You can then focus all your precious time and efforts to get the attention of your key demographic by promoting your new game.

Here, are some of the noteworthy benefits of Cocos2Dx game development:

  • As, it is open-source & free, so it becomes very easy to extend the functionality of Cocos2dx as the code is also available for free.
  • It has very supportive large community and moreover about 3700 interesting games have been developed by making use of Cocos2dx, which means that there is massive range of programs, tutorials and documentation available that work well with Cocos2dx and as well as active forums.
  • The API of Cocos2Dx is very easy to comprehend and it comprises of wide variety of features.
  • It very well supports OpenGL ES2.0., which offers it fast speed and is supported by shaders that permit all kinds of visual effects.
  • Lastly, it comes integrated with physics support and comes with both Box2d and Chipmunk engines.

If you have a Cocos2Dx project requirement, then you can call us today to let us help you with our development services.