There are so many varieties of games available in the android and iOS. Cooking games are one such category. Cooking games provide your kids with the knowledge on how to cook foods, season them and serve them properly. Food is more than just a simple substance to eat. There are lots of things involved in making it. It helps in building up creativity in the children. The kids are in their learning age, so anything new to them will be learning for them.


There are various kinds of cooking games. Some of them are:

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is the ideal game for all the pizza lovers. The objective of the game is to stir your way up the eatery network by making pizza and at the end owning the shop. There are time limits set for the making of the ‘pizzas’ during the daytime. Once you are able to sell the pizzas and earn some profit, you can upgrade your pizza quality as well as the store. It is available on both android and iOS for free.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever has in excess of 20 areas for you to cook at and beyond what 400 dishes you can serve, from your standard dinner to an additional shellfish bar and even extravagant treats. It is best for kids aged 4 and above. It is a long game as it requires around 400 levels to be completed. It has been downloaded for more than 100 million times. Ever since its release in 2014, cooking fever has become one of the most popular cooking games.

Diner DASH Adventures

Diner DASH Adventure is a cooking game where you need to fix up a forsaken coffee shop and transform it into a flourishing business. Dinner DASH is centered around time sensitive journeys and figuring out how to appropriately deal with your accounts so you can overhaul your organization.  For a cooking game, Diner DASH is very story-driven. The game likewise does promotions, however in general they are on the low end and not meddlesome.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a very interesting game. This game highlights short movies to share how Cooking Mama carries on with her everyday life. You can even design your kitchen with the cash you make from all the distinctive, flavorful dishes you make and serve. Cooking Mama likewise lets you develop your own fixings and raise your own creatures, so you’ll have no lack of fixings to make a wide range of fun and energizing nourishment. There are various modes available in the game like “let’s cook”, “let’s combine” and “use skill”.

Cooking City

Cooking City is a much easier game compared to others. Cooking city aims at making some perfect food combos. Get ready to cook and serve scrumptious dinners from everywhere throughout the world. Run from old style espresso to Chinese cafe, preparing sweet cakes and flame broil yummy burgers. The challenge is cooking in the kitchen and leads a cooking domain. It is available on both android and iOS for free.

My cafe

My café offers you a variety of different functions. It lets you decorate the place, you can make it a coffee place or a dinner place or any other kind. It lets you hire staff, set your prices for the food and you can even make money offline. It lets you become friends with some of your regular customers. The biggest advantage is that you can even play with friends and compete against them.

Food Truck Chef

In food truck chef, you can build your own Food Empire, cook & travel, decorate your food truck and even become a super chef. You can travel all around the world in your food truck and serve some delicious foods.

Star Chef

If you want to become a culinary master then this is the best application for it. You can hire and manage skilled staffs, grow your own food, serve the foods, upgrade your shop and even train your staff to improve the culinary skills. It is available on both android and iOS for free.

Cook It

players will investigate a city where they will open new eateries to try. You’ll run into things like Queen’s Bakery, the Sushi Shack, and even the Donut Den. In every foodie goal, you’ll have a kitchen to overhaul, and a café to plan and design to your own taste. You can redo pretty much anything you see. It is available on both android and iOS.

Restaurant story


Restaurant Story is the most flawless “cooking game” on this rundown, in that you truly structure everything in your eatery from the beginning. These extents from floor tiles, to themed stoves, to complex plans. This game is incredible for individuals who love to control each part of their experience. It can be downloaded for free on both android and iOS.