Learning Games for Kids



In the 21st Century, there are various ways of learning available. Online learning games for kids is one such way. Online learning games provide your kids with some of the best quality education from all around the world. It helps in building skills that the kids need to succeed in school. Online learning games are a great platform to make your kids better learners for life. It makes the learning interesting and fun. Educational games provide the kids with math addition facts, language arts, multiplication flash cards and many more ways of learning. Children enjoy learning with online learning games. There are educational games which include science songs, math games, math facts, art and music games, geography games and many more. Online learning has been made available from classes 1 to classes 12.


BYJU’S– Without a doubt, BYJU’S is one of the top rated online learning game platforms   in the world. Over the period of time, BYJU’S has made its operations vaster. It is available for classes 1 to 12. BYJU’S is a great platform, if you want your kids to learn from some of the top tutors.           

Zoolingo– Preschool and Kindergarten Games:  Zoolingo is by far one of the best online learning games platforms in 2020. Zoolingo provides you with brightly colored graphics and easy learning for kids. There are over 100 various educational toddler games available in 16 different languages. From nursery rhymes to puzzles, alphabets and shapes, there are various other kinds of games included. Zoolingo is available for kids aged 3 and above. It is available in both iOS and Android.

Baby GamesRMB Knowledge Park: Baby games –RMB Knowledge Park is an exciting and a different learning game. It is developed for both boys and girls above age 1. Numbers, counting, letters and shapes are the four exciting themed zones. The application is free to be downloaded from both android and iOS.

Pepi Play– Pepi Wonder World puts a Toybox of vivid characters, universes, and items in your cell phone. Together they structure the keys to a universe of disclosure and creative mind for your little youngster. The application is free now on the AppStore. It’s a constrained time offer, so make certain to snatch your duplicate. Many characters and several usable things are an ideal chance to learn new words, narrating, creative mind and only a tad of acting through pretend.

 Marble Math Multiplication– Marble Math is an enjoyment and quick paced number game application that helps the youngsters to create augmentation authority and it’s such a lot of fun it doesn’t appear as though you are learning as you go. With a splendid and drawing in interface, customized highlights and the capacity to customizable the substance, this application could be all you have to take in your occasions tables from 1 through to 12.

ABC Mouse– ABC app is perhaps one of the best apps available currently in play store and the app store. Although, ABC Mouse is not free, it requires a subscription to access. As other apps. It starts in a virtual study hall where your children can choose from various undertakings. There are numerous exercises to look over that show, perusing math, shading, tallying, and music aptitudes.

 Word Swipe Pic– Word Swipe Pic helps in learning new words and practice spelling. There will be a picture provided with a visual clue, letters will be all mixed up, you need to figure out the word using the help of the picture. It may sound easy, but it is not. There is a ‘search’, ‘hint’ or ‘shuffle’ buttons provided in case you need any help.

Hungry Caterpillar Play School– there are five main areas where Hungry Caterpillar Play School focuses- numbers, book reading, shapes and sizes, alphabet and arts & puzzles. It is available for children between ages 1 to 5.

Epic– Epic contains more than 35,000 children books for ages 2 to 12. It allows the kids to do their reading wherever they go. It is free for the 1st month but requires subscription afterwards.

Draw It– Draw It not only includes drawing but also reading and problem solving against others in a safe way. It helps you improve your vocabulary and reading skills. It builds literacy and problem skills as well. It is available on both android and iOS.    


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